Samson: How to Ruin Your Life

Small Steps, Big Destruction

Devotion provided by LifeChurch Read Judges 16:1-31. In this passage we see Samson’s small steps lead him toward his big destruction with Delilah. • What’s one of the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made? What started you on your path towards making that Learn more

Living By the Spirit

Devotion provided by LifeChurch “What’s your one pet peeve that angers you the most? Why does it anger you so much? Read Judges 14:10-20 and Judges 15:1-20. Samson’s vengeance on the Philistines in these passages is the result of his unchecked anger and Learn more

Let’s Work on These 5 Things Together

Devotion provided by LifeChurch.TV What’s one of the most impulsive things you’ve ever done or bought? What was the result of your actions? Samson was incredibly strong, but had a dangerously weak will. Where in life do you feel you Learn more