StudentLife Ministry

A place where students can merge their lives into God’s story.

Our mission is to partner with families to raise up a group of students who develop a Christ-centered heart that will affect and infect their surroundings

StudentLife – Sunday Mornings at 11:15am

Sunday mornings in the LifeCenter at 11:15am we have breakfast and a bible study with life application for all middle and high school students.

StudentLife – Sunday Nights at 6pm

This is our Sunday evening gathering from 6-8pm for middle and high school students in the LifeCenter. It is “friend friendly” and designed to be a comfortable environment to invite non-churched friends.

StudentLife varies from week-to-week. Topics include current worldviews, life choices, movies, music, as well as crazy games!

StudentLifeGroup – Wednesday Nights at 6pm

On Wednesday nights from 6-8pm in the LifeCenter we have StudentLifeGroup, which is an in-depth bible study for middle and high school students.


StudentLifeMinistry also participates in a variety of other opportunities including concerts, camping, road trips, WVBC State Youth events, and mission opportunities.

Have questions about the StudentLife Ministry? We’d love to hear from you!